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Dark Mode Preview's now available within your template library, allowing you to view how your email will appear in dark mode on both desktop and mobile devices.
To see how your email will appear:
  • Head to your template library
  • Choose the template you'd like to view and click the edit icon
  • Next, head to the upper left corner and click the Action dropdown menu.
  • Choose "Preview"
  • Once in preview mode, you'll be able to toggle dark mode on/off.
We've also compiled a list of resources for you on how to best optimize an email for dark mode.
CartStack CartStack - Template Library - Brave 2023-03-17 at 4
Conditional Content allows CartStack users to present their customers with the most relevant email content possible, to give you the best chance at recovering a lost sale.
Conditions are predefined by the user & can be based on a number of factors:
  • Actions the customer took on your website
  • Items added to their cart
  • The total value of the abandoned cart
  • Product pages viewed
  • The region / language of the abandoned customer
  • And much more…
Once the conditions are defined, all you need to do is tell our email builder which content to show which segment of recipients, and you’re all set!
If you manage multiple accounts with CartStack, you'll want to check out our new Aggregate Reporting feature! This new report pulls the metrics from all of your accounts & campaigns into one report, making it easy to review performance without logging into each dashboard separately. View the report here.
Have an email list you want verified? Send it to us, and we’ll send back a spreadsheet of which emails are safe, invalid and which could be risky to send to. Just let us know how many emails are on your list! Learn more about email verification here.
We've added a new home page to the CartStack admin, which includes a new guided setup wizard, a summary of your active/inactive campaigns, and your biggest opportunities for recovering additional revenue with CartStack!
Existing customer?
The next time you log in, simply click the "Home" icon and scroll to "Supercharge My Results", launch the new campaigns you'd like to try (browse abandonment, SMS, push notifications, back in stock, etc.), and watch the additional revenue roll in!
Popular products can sell out fast! An out-of-stock item can create a poor customer experience and an increase in website abandonment. In-Stock Notifications offset this by offering your shoppers an SMS and/or email reminder once the product is back in-stock!
Back in Stock Mockup-02
New library to house all email templates, making it easier to tag & re-use email designs across different campaigns and accounts.
View your template library here:
We often hear people say... "my cart abandonment emails are not only sending people back to their carts to finish their purchases, but we are getting more phone calls from those emails too!"
So, we just added a new feature that allows you to track the number of inbound phone calls from your recovery emails. So now you can better estimate just how much revenue your campaigns are driving through prospects who call in looking for more information about your products before buying.
Once enabled, you will see the phone tracking metrics on your dashboard:
To enable this feature, just email support at



New Weekly Report

We've made some major updates to our weekly report email! Now, you will see your total recovered revenue metric across all of your campaigns and a breakdown by channel (email, SMS, web push).
You will also see which campaigns you aren't using yet so you can request to get them activated and start recovering even more revenue!
At the bottom of the email, we are also including a Conversion Boosters section to give you a list of other features you may not be using (and missing out on!). Finally, If you want to see our development roadmap or request a feature, you can just click on the "View Feature Requests & Development Pipeline" button at the bottom of the email.
Now you can use web push notifications to target users who have visited product pages, not just users who have abandoned their shopping cart. Since web push doesn't require email-opt in, you will have a much larger pool of users to target with this notification type. To get started with this new campaign, go to Campaigns > Web Push Notifications and then click the "Browse Notifications" tab.
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